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You stuck that controller where now

This week, we are joined by the always fun Jose to talk about another weird, creepy, gross... why do we have Jose on the show again? He always picks gross movies. eXistenZ from 1999, the movie where Jude Law has to eat the flesh off of mutant frog things in ...

Super guest star Gary Butterfield of Watch Out for Fireballs and Bonfireside Chat fame!

This week, we are joined by very special guest Gary Butterfield (of Duckfeed.tv and Worlds of Power fame) to discuss a movie dear to his heart, Willow from 1988! One of several brain children of George Lucas released in the 80s, this action-fantasy-adventure film is a lot of fun. Full ...

Wait, didn't we just do this one?

This week, we enter a TIME WARP and somehow end up watching the movie that started it all. I'm talking Hardware from 1990! In this post apocalyptic tale, men are useless and terrible. Wait, that's not science fiction at all. Of course, there's a killer robot and a lot of ...

R.O.T.O.R. aka Blue Steel aka Terminator 2

Episode 99 of Please Don't Send Me into Outer Space

ROTOR (1987)
Directed by Cullen Blaine
Written by Cullen Blaine, Budd Lewis
Margaret Trigg as Sony
Richard Gesswein as Coldyron
Jayne Smith as Dr. Steele

He-man! Duh duh duh duh duh duh duuuuh

Episode 98 of Please Don't Send Me into Outer Space

Masters of the Universe (1987)
Directed by Gary Goddard
Written by David Odell
Dolph Lundgren as He-Man
Frank Langella as Skeletor
Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn
Billy Barty as Gwildor
Courteney Cox as Julie Winston
Robert Duncan McNeill as Kevin Corrigan
Jon Cypher as Duncan (Man-at-Arms)
Chelsea Field as Teela
James Tolkan as Detective Lubic
Christina Pickles as Sorceress of Castle Grayskull

What is there was an earthquake, and also a fire?!

Episode 97 of Please Don't Send Me into Outer Space

Firequake (2014)
Directed by Geoff Browne
Written by Denyc
Alexandra Paul as Dr. Eve Carter
Zoë Barker as Nikki Carter
Nigel Barber as Declan Glas
James Weber Brown as Killian

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