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Vampire slayin and still looking good!

This week, we joined the cheerleader squad in an attempted to find the murderer of all our favorite vampires, but it turns out it was just Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1992! Sarah's pick this week, but really, it could have been any of ours. This little chunk of the 90s has so much goodness to offer. Luke Perry at is swarmiest! David Arquette before his very name was a joke! Paul Reubens before... you know! And the best thing this movie has to offer? A strong female lead that kicks butt!!! Kristy Swanson is great in this movie, and I hope she never roundhouses us in the face!

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About the podcast

Please Don't Send Me into Outer Space Podcast feed. We talk about a Science fiction or Fantasy movie every week. We aren't experts, just nerds who love watching and talking film! We don't just stick to the classics; it is a wide world out there after all. So at least once a month, we watch a random movie selected using our randomizer algorithm (patent pending). Obscure, well known, hidden gems, absolute crap, we'll take it all! New episodes released every Monday, along with bonus episodes during the week!

What happens when the world's dumbest crew discovers a planet full of stuff that wants to kill them?

This week,  we decided to try something new and watch something relatively new. Alien: Covenant from 2017! In this direct sequel to Prometheus, a crew of idiots go off course because they decide it'll be easier to go to a nearby planet rather than the sure-thing already vetted planet they ...

A wonderful movie that reaches the height of animation

This week, Mia joins us to talk about one of the most beautiful animated movies ever made, Spirited Away from 2001! Spirited Away is an animated movie from Studio Ghibli, and is directed by the master, Hayao Miyazaki. It is film as art while still being incredibly entertaining, and can ...

Only the hulk has what is takes to win this lady's heart...

This week, Aaron found a DVD in the garbage or something, so we watched Desert Warrior from 1988! Lou Ferrigno stars as a... well, a desert warrior, trapped in a future with no clean food, no clean water, and worst of all, no clean women. THAT'S RIGHT, this movie is ...

The first rule of portrait club, you don't talk about portrait club

This week, we are haunted by the spirit of podcasters past, who inspired us to record this episode on the movie Portrait of Jennie from 1948! Joseph Cotton plays a crazy guy named Eben who thinks that he keeps running into a girl who died many years ago. And every ...
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